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Fremont & Dodge Co. – Grant Opportunities

The Fremont & Dodge County CVB

Tourism Sponsorship Program Application


The Fremont & Dodge County CVB has developed the Tourism Sponsorship Program as a community-oriented tourism marketing and development investment program to assist in our mission of creating economic growth by promoting our destination for overnight and day visitors. The program is open to Dodge County non-profit organizations that align with one or more of the following strategic plan goals:

  • Accelerated Sales: Attract additional meetings and events to the area
  • Strong Collaboration & Partnerships: Strengthen relations with local organizations to be a more profound community advocate and promoter
  • Improved Community Engagement: Inspire interest in the tourism and hospitality industry

Factors that Fremont & Dodge County CVB may consider in evaluating a sponsorship request include, but are not limited to:

  • Location of Event: The event must take place and serve to promote travel and tourism to Dodge County
  • Event Request Date: The application must be submitted to Fremont & Dodge County CVB at least 90 days prior to the proposed event.
  • Amount of Sponsorship Request: Sponsorship fund availability is based on the Fremont & Dodge County CVB yearly budgeted allocation for this purpose. Once the fund is depleted, there will not be any sponsorship for the remaining fiscal year.
  • Recognition of Fremont & Dodge County CVB as a Sponsor: Should your sponsorship request be approved, Fremont & Dodge County CVB logo and/or name should be utilized in conjunction with any promotion of the event. CVB Staff will sign off on all sponsor materials, including logo.
  • Use of Funds: Funds will not be provided for capital projects or general organizational operating expenses.
  • Time of Year: Preference in funding may be given to events that happen during the need period of December through April.

The number of sponsorships and amount of funding is restricted and may vary from year-to-year depending on budgetary limitations. Sponsorships shall not be considered long-term commitments in order to encourage independent viability of events as well as support new initiatives. There are no guarantees that a sponsorship will be carried over from one year to another. The Tourism Sponsorship Programs funds will be paid out approximately 30 days prior to event date. If you require a special consideration, you must contact Molly Paden (director@visitfremontne.org) for approval.

Tiered Applications

The tiered application process is structured to help develop and strengthen marketing support for local community events. When trying to determine which tier your event may fall into, consider the following: Does my event bring in out-of-town visitors? Will I need a room block for anticipated overnight visitors? What do I expect the attendance of the event to be? Where will I be marketing this event? These are the types of questions that will be considered when awarding the grant amount.

Tier 1: Sponsorship amount up to $250

  • Attendance is expected to be up to 100 people

Tier 2:  Sponsorship amount of $251-$500

  • Event should meet the factors listed above
  • Attendance is expected to be up to 250 people
  • Majority of the marketing for the event is locally driven

Tier 3: Sponsorship amount of $501-$1,500

  • Event should meet the factors listed above
  • Attendance is expected to be up to 500 people – historical event data on attendance may be requested.
  • Majority of the marketing for the event is regionally based

Tier 4: Sponsorship amount of $1,501-$5,000

  • Event should meet the factors listed above
  • Attendance is expected to be over 1,000 with a large percent of out-of-town visitors expected
  • Marketing for the event is local, regional, and may even be national in scale
  • Historical data on the event may be requested
  • Event proposal should include detail description of how the Fremont & Dodge County CVB will be recognized for the event sponsorship grant
  • A final evaluation and follow up is expected within 30 days post event


All applications must include on the cover page the following information:

  • Federal Employer ID#
  • Organization Name
  • Street Address or Location
  • Mailing Address (if different)
  • City, State, Zip
  • Telephone
  • Website Address
  • Contact Person
  • Contact E-Mail
  • Contact Phone


Body of application should answer the following questions 1-5 in narrative form.  Be sure to provide the DCCVB with an original application.  All applicants shall send this same information in PDF format by email on or before the deadline to, director@visitfremontne.org.  Submission of hard copies does not replace the requirement for application to be sent and received by email as receipt will time-stamp application submitted.

Required for all applicants:

  • Briefly describe your organization and any partnering organization (noting its mission and primary activities) and, if applicable, how the partners will collaborate;
  • Describe the initiative for which you seek funding. Clearly articulate your objective for this project.  Include key proposed activities, target audience(s) (i.e., to whom this project is directed), and estimated project timeline.  Clearly detail how requested funds will be used, include the plan that identifies specific actions that will be used to market this event/initiative to prospective out-of-area visitors;
  • Include a detailed budget that clearly shows revenues and expenditures; identify all other sponsors and indicate whether sponsorship(s) are cash or in-kind.
  • Describe the benefit of this project to Fremont & Dodge County, including any economic benefits; demonstrate clearly how initiative will increase out-of-area visitation. Describe the methods and tools for measuring event success in addition to surveying; target goal for increased overnight or daytrip visits, increased audience/circulation, number of tickets sold, overnight rooms booked/occupied, coupons redeemed or other quantifiable measures;
  • Explain your plans to sustain this initiative/event in future years;

Failure to provide required information with application may disqualify applicant from consideration.

REQUESTED AMOUNT: $ __________


Start Date:  ___________

End Date: ___________